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Designating the right product for every endeavouris critical. Partnered with Kutta Technologies, Inc.(Kutta), SNC MS UK can provide end users with a rugged, COTS, Android-phone-based robotic controller.

Units can be worn as a chest-mounted device, removed and placed in a pocket, or held with one hand. They can also be integrated with the
Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) for situational awareness and with software for full control of unmanned systems.

For more information on custom offerings, please contact us directly.


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Kutta's Technically Aware Controller (K-TAC) is an innovative, handheld controller that provides universal robotic control for all classes and types of unmanned systems.

The lightweight modular design is based around Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) smartphone technology encased in rugged enclosures that meet the demanding environmental challenges of expeditionary On-The-Move (OTM) operations.

The modular controller solution supports multiple tactical configurations for tethered and untethered operation, and integration with Nett Warrior or other USB ecosystems.

The controller provides the end user with a non-proprietary, modular, ruggedized product with considerably lower procurement and sustainment costs than industry competitors.

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  • Dock existing ATAK-enabled or standard Android device to add app control functionality

  • Open, non-proprietary interfaces for maximum integration flexibility

  • Interoperable with COTS Juggernaut IMPC

  • Interoperable with COTS Juggernaut IMPCT Case & MOLLE compatible with PALS Armor Plate Chest Mount

  • Successful integration with multiple mesh and commercially available IP-based radios

  • Operates as a stand-alone controller when docked with an Android device, or as an OS-Independent external control surface for other systems (Linux, MS Windows)

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