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We provide reliable, cost-effective radio and net-enabled solutions to fit crucial communication and tracking needs.

As the number of networked players increases, so does the complexity of the networks. The ability of communications devices used by military personnel and first responders to clearly and seamlessly connect and share data with each other is critical to protecting and saving lives on the battlefield and in emergencies.

For further information on all-domain capabilities,
download our parent company's SNC TRAX
software fact sheet here or by contacting us.

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SNC TRAX was developed to support C5ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions at the strategic, operational and tactical level.

SNC leverages military standards and commercial, open-based standards for it's software, building it for the non-traditional tactical datalink user. It allows for ease of operation required at the tactical edge, but is powerful enough to provide full Command and Control (C2) capabilities.

SNC TRAX is able to provide a combined air-maritime-ground common operating picture in a Joint and Coalition battlefield. As an SNC subsidiary we provide the most capable tactical datalink management software solutions for hosting Link 16 and SADL radios, putting the operator at the center of design so they can adapt to various network types with minimal training, increasing situational awareness.

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  • Cross-platform application – Windows, Android, Linux, etc.


  • Backward compatible with legacy systems

  • Open architecture API/ICD eliminates proprietary interfaces/protocols; allows for rapid integration & development

  • Built-in communication matrix routes/translates data from one data-link to another with single button selection

  •  Intuitive configuration & minimal setup

  • Auto-start available for all connections after initial configuration

  • All functions & capabilities created by & for tactical users (sensor operators, ground forces, operations centers, etc.)

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