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New threats that challenge the battlespace and safety of our forward-deployed forces emerge daily, create higher demand for advanced capabilities and rapid deployment.

As a lead systems integrator SNC MS UK expedites capability development though innovative, agile and quality processes, highly qualified technical experts, and collaborative environments.

SNC MS UK is a trusted partner with a
collaborative mindset to protect the warfighter

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SNC MS UK’s approach couples lean startup methodologies, trade studies, and human- centered design principles to work with the government to define the problem, design potential solutions, assess industry-leading capabilities across industry and academia and then quickly move into forming the right team to develop or prototype the solution.

Our workforce combines certified Scrummasters and agile practitioners with a decade of experience using agile methodologies including Scrum, KanBan, DevSecOps/DevOps, digital engineering, and rapid prototyping. These allow us to work with partners and government to quickly build the right solution that meets urgent requirements.

Working closely with parent company, SNC allows us to draw on the experience of nearly 5,000 team members, including more than 30% veterans. This offers SNC MS UK experience in leading technologies and capabilities such as aviation innovation, secure C4ISR/C5ISR solutions, integrated logistics, big data, AI/ML, EW, Open Architectures (OA) and manned and unmanned aerial systems.

We utilise repeatable, standardized processes and customer-tailored templates compliant to CMMI ML3, ISO 9001:2015, and AS9001D:2016, that optimise our processes and ensure quality and timely deliverables.

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  • Lead systems integration experience for 1,000+ manned and unmanned aircraft including 20+ UAS platforms

  • Collaborative relationships with 30+ partners with industry, academia and technical startups

  • OEM-agnostic provider with a supplier base exceeding 1,500 vendors

  • Experts in open architecture standards including Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE), Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA)

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